Time Tables
When Mark left to take up his position as Principal I was left with the task of timetabling.  As I had a beginning knowledge of the systems, CRT and duties etc I assumed it would be a daunting task.
However with some assistance once we began and we nutted it out to create the term 2 timetables.  I now know the policies around CRT release for teachers.  Our P.E  and music specialist teachers allows our students the opportunity to partake in a balanced programme.  A next step for term 3 timetables is once I have asked staff for their feed back in relation to possible clashes, it will be a working document, needing a valid reason for change. The timetables are placed on the CBS e staffroom for easy access for staff.
Term 2 Timetables 2015

This is my AP Job Description for 2015.  As we do not have a DP at present there are many roles which I am currently carrying out, this will change when our new DP Paul Crowhurst comes on board:)
Assistant Principal Job Description 2015

 As part of the Appraisal Process, Cockle Bay School uses the following documents to guide and oversee a timely and measurable system.  

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