Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Classroom Walk Throughs

This our second week back ! Teachers are now defining the start to their year and programmes are up and running.  Walk Throughs are also a great way to gauge classroom set up, routines, behaviour management and expectations and evolving group dynamics, as well as the all important learning taking place.  Walking through the Junior School this morning, there was a hive of activity taking place.  The students that I engaged with in each class were able to tell me what they were learning and the relevance of how the skill or activity they were focussing on was going to help them with their Reading or Writing. Teachers and students need acknowledgement and support from the Leadership Team and I believe it is important to be seen and be approachable.
I held a few informal conversations with students in the senior school asking, "What were they learning?", "Why?" and "How was this was helping them?"  I was surprised with the depth of clarity they were able to articulate at such an early stage.  I also observed a very powerful Active Reflection plenary , where student's trust, openness and honesty around their learning was exemplary. My next step is to acknowledge the great work our teachers are achieving with their learners.

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