Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First TOD Back !

We all returned today for our TOD on a very hot and humid Tuesday to begin our year collectively as a staff.
The agenda for today was full,  there were a number of items that required revisiting and others outlining our Professional Development over the year.
I presented the updated and revised CDP and highlighted areas that had been changed and discussed using this as a working document now that it is in Google Docs.  A table of contents now makes it user friendly rather than scrolling through the PDF version and teachers are now able to make comments to show changes or ideas for possible amendments.  There are a number of documents in the CDP that are vital for teachers to know and use in their everyday teaching and learning, particularly considering we have a number of new staff and team leaders that have changed year levels. This has also been placed on our CBS e Staffroom for easy access.

One of the big areas to convey was the 'Teaching as Inquiry' and new appraisal documentation.  I have been working on this since last year refining and updating areas to align with the Practising Teacher Criteria and also the Education Council expectations.  There was a large amount of information for the staff to take on board.  It was great to see and hear the staff discussing and interpreting this information.  There were many great questions which helped me to consolidate my thinking and understanding around the "Teaching as Inquiry' process.  There are still a number of queries that I have which I am seeking clarification on which can be discussed in our Leadership Meetings and I will also be speaking to Roween Higgie who has helped me to formulate a deeper understanding of this process.

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