Monday, December 14, 2015

EOY ' Teaching as Inquiry' National Standards

As all of the student's OTJs have been entered each team has gone through the process of discussing their results in Reading Writing and Mathematics.  They have identified those students who have made accelerated progress as well as those who are achieving below standard.  Also discussing the vast majority of students who have achieved at 'At or Above'.  They have highlighted the successes of the teachers as well as the students, throughout the year.  The needs of the student's that are to be addressed for next year are also broken down and shared with the Team Leader for 2016.  This will allow for quick identification for target students for 2016.
I have then used e Tap to download and print our EOY data and created a school wide overview to then begin the analysis of our progress.  I really enjoy looking at the big picture and discussing trends and possible reasons for our outcomes.  This has been shared at team level with teachers and discussed during our Leadership meeting.  The Senior Leadership Team will be formulating targets before the end of 2015.  I will then share the EOY data analysis with the BOT along with Paul in Mathematics at our first BOT meeting in February.

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