Monday, December 14, 2015

TODays 2016

Whilst the year is coming to an end as the Senior Leadership team we have a clear vision for a positive beginning for 2016.  As we have a number of new teachers joining us it is timely to go over the CBS Curriculum Delivery Plan,  also reiterate to staff expectations and where they can refer to for more information.  With the AFL Lead Teachers we will be presenting a workshop on Building Learning Focussed Relationships integrated with Ready Steady Go and setting up a positive learning environment.  I will be walking the teachers through the changes to the 'Teaching as Inquiry' appraisal document and how this impacts on their teaching and learning for 2016.  Lastly I will be beginning the discussion on Goal Cards with our aim this year to utilise these better and refine these so they are in child speak.  2016 TOD doc

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