Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Curriculum Evening

This term the Curriculum Team Leaders presented to the PTA and the Board of Trustees, what takes place in each of the curriculum areas.  The focus was on what are our successes and what are our next steps.  We were given around 5 minutes for our presentations. I had been a member of the audience last year as I was new to CBS.  I remember being wowed by all of the amazing opportunities the students can be a part of.  This year I felt differently. Five minutes is a very short time frame and most of the leaders went well over this, which lead to the presentations being around 2 hours.  I left feeling dissatisfied not about the content but with they way it was conveyed.  I felt we could do things better /differently in show casing how wonderful CBS is.  I also felt that presenting in term 3 may be too late to speak with parents, and sharing with them sooner would have many benefits.
However I feel I may have a glass half empty perspective at present, and my expectations of coming across as 'Wow' compared to last year now that I know all that goes on needs to be taken into perspective.  All that said and done, here is my presentation for Literacy.

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