Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Key Competencies

At the end of term 2 , after our Mid Term Reports went home, we felt it was timely to revisit our report and in particular the Key Competencies.  Teachers report against these competencies across the curriculum.  We wanted to continue to refine how we work through this process to compile our students OTJs, ensuring that our teachers have a shared understanding of each of these components.
We then refined this list so it was concise and easy to interpret 
During our Leadership meeting we established we wanted to change the Key as many of the parents and children counted how many E-excells they received, which is not the purpose of our key.  We also felt the key didn't define the potential in growing the Key Competencies and the effort that was placed into these.  Hence our new Key - Consistently, Usually, Developing, Improvement required.

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