Sunday, May 31, 2015

Assessment Overview

Using the Monitoring and Assessment termly overview to keep on track of assessment deadlines and whole school reporting, has helped me to prepare particular assessments and manage these school wide.  It is difficult using the existing assessment overview to see what takes place across the year at a glance.  I wanted to create an overview which shows junior and senior assessments, teacher/student monitoring, reporting to parents,  professional development and school events.  With this in mind a created a draft which I shared with the leadership team to gather their thoughts, and then sent to the staff for their feedback.  I have begun to hyperlink relevant documents to enable teachers easy access.
It will be a working draft document,
Assessment and Monitoring Timeline

e-asTTle Seminar

Taking it to the next level
Developing my understanding of using asTTle myself  and Rochelle Stansfield went to the seminar about taking asTTle to the next level.  We looked at how to better set the tests to meet the differentiated needs of our students.  Analysing the data that asTTle provides the teachers once their students have sat the tests was another area we delved into.  I believe this is an area where our teachers would benefit from understanding how to identify the next steps for our students and using the ARBs to target their needs.  As leadership I found it very helpful to unpack the Learning Group Pathways.

Generations Morning

The sun came out for a wonderful day of sharing with parents, grandparents and other family members.  Each classroom was filled to the brim with a buzz of talking and sharing of stories and artefacts that were special to each family. Experiencing this for the first time as a parent and as a member of staff was something amazing.  I was able to walk around the classrooms and see first hand the magic of Generations Morning.  My own father and Aunty came as guests of my daughter.  As I captured my dad playing the piano accordion to my daughter it took me back to when dad used to play this for me...... a really special moment:) 
The whole morning was very successful and very well organised, thanks to the teachers and children.. oh and all of the wonderful family members

Friday, May 22, 2015

National Young Leaders Day

Our School Leaders attended the National Young Leaders Day conference.  It was an amazing day with inspirational speakers.  Speakers such as William Pike who lost his leg in a volcanic eruption whilst on Mount Ruapehu, Darryl Sabine, who suffered a major head injury from rugby and Jamie McDell a rising New Zealand singer were just some of the wonderful people who shared their life journeys.  They imparted their words of wisdom and talked about their highs and lows in each of their personal journeys.  All of the speakers shared a common theme, 'Make the most of the opportunities you are given' 'If you believe in yourself anything is possible' 'All passion no limits'
National Young Leaders Day 2015

Darryl Sabine with Leila and Shaimaa Alsabak

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nice View

Physical Education
My office looks straight out onto the Dome.  I can see what the children are learning each day in P.E. Roger Whatman is our P.E specialist, and he has the children working like a well oiled machine. Today I happened to see the children partaking in parachute games and they were having a great time.  If only these types of fun activities were around when I was at school!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This morning the class counsellors met with Sally Fletcher who works for 'ShelterBox'  We listened to Sally who shared what a ShelterBox is and how it positively impacts on peoples lives.
ShelterBox is an organisation who offers emergency aid to families who are displaced by disasters. 
It was decided from this meeting that Cockle Bay School would like to help those families in Nepal who have been effected by the devastating earthquakes .  By purchasing a ShelterBox we can directly provide shelter and life saving supplies to a family in need.  The contents of a ShelterBox was on display for the counsellors to see. The students also watched a brief video (see below) so they had a deeper understanding of what it might be like to be effected by disaster and how beneficial ShelterBox can be.
We will be holding a mufti day on Wednesday 27 of May to raise money towards this worthy cause. 
A donation of $2 or more from each child will help us to raise the $1500 needed to purchase a ShelterBox. To find out more click on the link below.

Anxiety in Children
On Thursday 7 of May Cockle Bay School held a Parent Information Evening to discuss anxiety in children.  Fi Jamieson-Folland shared with us 5 key secrets to helping our children deal with situations that may cause them to feel anxious.  As a parent I found this very helpful.  The 5 key secrets were areas that most parents would be familiar with, however it was great to revisit these so they are at the forefront of our minds.  

Attendance by parents was fantastic and there was well over 60 parents who took part.  Fi also highlighted that if parents had particular concerns in any of the 5 areas that they may like to seek more help in supporting their children.  See below for the presentation 

Kakapo Google Open Morning
On Friday 1 May, the Kakapo team held an open morning for parents and grandparents to visit their child's classroom to see how they use their Chrome Books and Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Everyone had a great time learning and sharing.  The turn our from parents was fantastic.  The children and parents were engaged as the students shared with their parents the ins and outs of using the Chrome Books and the different ways they can now access and convey their learning.
I am interested to learn the impact of these devices in engaging and motivating the children's learning.

ANZAC Celebrations
Cockle Bay students and teachers commemorated the soldiers who gave their lives in the war.  The children were involved in a variety of learning experiences that highlighted the meaning of ANZAC day and the importance it plays in our history.

CBS News ANZAC Day report

As part of our celebrations we held an ANZAC Commemoration Assembly.
Click on the link below to view our assembly