Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Classroom Walk Throughs

This our second week back ! Teachers are now defining the start to their year and programmes are up and running.  Walk Throughs are also a great way to gauge classroom set up, routines, behaviour management and expectations and evolving group dynamics, as well as the all important learning taking place.  Walking through the Junior School this morning, there was a hive of activity taking place.  The students that I engaged with in each class were able to tell me what they were learning and the relevance of how the skill or activity they were focussing on was going to help them with their Reading or Writing. Teachers and students need acknowledgement and support from the Leadership Team and I believe it is important to be seen and be approachable.
I held a few informal conversations with students in the senior school asking, "What were they learning?", "Why?" and "How was this was helping them?"  I was surprised with the depth of clarity they were able to articulate at such an early stage.  I also observed a very powerful Active Reflection plenary , where student's trust, openness and honesty around their learning was exemplary. My next step is to acknowledge the great work our teachers are achieving with their learners.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First TOD Back !

We all returned today for our TOD on a very hot and humid Tuesday to begin our year collectively as a staff.
The agenda for today was full,  there were a number of items that required revisiting and others outlining our Professional Development over the year.
I presented the updated and revised CDP and highlighted areas that had been changed and discussed using this as a working document now that it is in Google Docs.  A table of contents now makes it user friendly rather than scrolling through the PDF version and teachers are now able to make comments to show changes or ideas for possible amendments.  There are a number of documents in the CDP that are vital for teachers to know and use in their everyday teaching and learning, particularly considering we have a number of new staff and team leaders that have changed year levels. This has also been placed on our CBS e Staffroom for easy access.

One of the big areas to convey was the 'Teaching as Inquiry' and new appraisal documentation.  I have been working on this since last year refining and updating areas to align with the Practising Teacher Criteria and also the Education Council expectations.  There was a large amount of information for the staff to take on board.  It was great to see and hear the staff discussing and interpreting this information.  There were many great questions which helped me to consolidate my thinking and understanding around the "Teaching as Inquiry' process.  There are still a number of queries that I have which I am seeking clarification on which can be discussed in our Leadership Meetings and I will also be speaking to Roween Higgie who has helped me to formulate a deeper understanding of this process.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Meet 2016 Teacher

When the reports are sent home in week 9, the children and parents then find out who their teacher is for 2016. This helps to alleviate any anxious students at the beginning of the year, and discussions can be had over the holidays in families ensuring a positive start.  On the last day of school at 10:15 the students meet their new teachers.

Monday, December 14, 2015

EOY ' Teaching as Inquiry' National Standards

As all of the student's OTJs have been entered each team has gone through the process of discussing their results in Reading Writing and Mathematics.  They have identified those students who have made accelerated progress as well as those who are achieving below standard.  Also discussing the vast majority of students who have achieved at 'At or Above'.  They have highlighted the successes of the teachers as well as the students, throughout the year.  The needs of the student's that are to be addressed for next year are also broken down and shared with the Team Leader for 2016.  This will allow for quick identification for target students for 2016.
I have then used e Tap to download and print our EOY data and created a school wide overview to then begin the analysis of our progress.  I really enjoy looking at the big picture and discussing trends and possible reasons for our outcomes.  This has been shared at team level with teachers and discussed during our Leadership meeting.  The Senior Leadership Team will be formulating targets before the end of 2015.  I will then share the EOY data analysis with the BOT along with Paul in Mathematics at our first BOT meeting in February.

TODays 2016

Whilst the year is coming to an end as the Senior Leadership team we have a clear vision for a positive beginning for 2016.  As we have a number of new teachers joining us it is timely to go over the CBS Curriculum Delivery Plan,  also reiterate to staff expectations and where they can refer to for more information.  With the AFL Lead Teachers we will be presenting a workshop on Building Learning Focussed Relationships integrated with Ready Steady Go and setting up a positive learning environment.  I will be walking the teachers through the changes to the 'Teaching as Inquiry' appraisal document and how this impacts on their teaching and learning for 2016.  Lastly I will be beginning the discussion on Goal Cards with our aim this year to utilise these better and refine these so they are in child speak.  2016 TOD doc

End of Year

We are in the last few days of school!  This year has been a whirlwind with again, so many new learning opportunities.  I have gone from being the new kid on the block to feeling like an old hat.  I certainly know more about CBS having been the AP and DP for 2 terms of 2015.  Since our DP arrived in term 3 I have been able to focus on my specific responsibilities, and hope to really delve into Literacy and Transition to school in 2016.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Curriculum Evening

This term the Curriculum Team Leaders presented to the PTA and the Board of Trustees, what takes place in each of the curriculum areas.  The focus was on what are our successes and what are our next steps.  We were given around 5 minutes for our presentations. I had been a member of the audience last year as I was new to CBS.  I remember being wowed by all of the amazing opportunities the students can be a part of.  This year I felt differently. Five minutes is a very short time frame and most of the leaders went well over this, which lead to the presentations being around 2 hours.  I left feeling dissatisfied not about the content but with they way it was conveyed.  I felt we could do things better /differently in show casing how wonderful CBS is.  I also felt that presenting in term 3 may be too late to speak with parents, and sharing with them sooner would have many benefits.
However I feel I may have a glass half empty perspective at present, and my expectations of coming across as 'Wow' compared to last year now that I know all that goes on needs to be taken into perspective.  All that said and done, here is my presentation for Literacy.